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Design Concept Series: Modeling Gray, Formlabs Printers Compatible


Product Description

Captures the finest details of your prints, smooth finish surface and dimensionally accurate.

Product features 

  • For SLA Printers / Laser-based printers, calibrated on formlabs’ Form2, formlabs VAT friendly (extensively tested)
  • High tensile strength (52-54Mpa) with balanced elongation (3-5%)
  • Quick Setup in PreForm: Printer Model select: Form1+ or Form2 / Material select: Gray V3 or V4 
  • VOC Free
  • SKU: MD-R001GY
  • Note: Not been printed on the following printers:  AnyCubic Photon, Wanhao D7, Xayav Model V, Titan, Phrozen.  Please refer to Calibration Tutorial

Product Details

Color: Gray
Size: 1 Liter
Material: Acrylate-based Polymer for 3D Printing
Tensile(MPa): 53±1.5
Elongation(%): 3±1.7
Impact(J/m): 16±0.4
Hardness(Shore): 86±1.1
Flexural Strength(MPa): 92±3
Flexure Modulus (MPa): 2361±113
HDT(°F/°C): 135℉/57℃
Tear Strength(kN/m): -
Compression(%): -
Viscosity at 77°F/25°C: 1062~1275 cP